Kachin people in Laiza township, where the headquarters of KIO/KIA is located, are now constructing air-raid shelters and bunkers for protection from the possible air attacks of government air force.

Some civilians are also taking shelters in the drainage channels beside Liza creek. The heavy attacks occurred after Brig-General Tun Tun Naung, a northern commander of the government’s army, ordered the KIA on December 23 to leave the route of Lajayang by December 25. Government’s jet fighter and helicopters flew over Liza Township on December 28 morning, and a fighter-bomber also passed the sky above near the base of KAO/KIA on December 29.

Some 65,000 civil war refugees are now staying at the refugee camps under the control of KIO/KIA, Maijayang IDP camp near Laiza township is the largest camp, and is now keeping over 7,000 civil war refugees. At present, the number of internally displaced persons has amounted to 14,000 at the refugee camps near Laizar Township. There are more than 30 IDPs camps along the Myanamr-China border.

2012.12.30 Eleven Myanmar