Human rights advocates in Cambodia have been using online maps to document, monitor, and expose human rights violations across the country. Sithi or the Cambodia Human Rights Portal has a Violation Map which provides an overview of the extent of rights violations in Cambodia.

The map below shows different human rights violations occurring throughout Cambodia. The map on the page when you first enter this section shows the most recently recorded human rights violations on Sithi, represented by the red icons. You can search the violation section by human right, victim, alleged perpetrator, case status, location and date

Land conflicts have been rising in the past years and many of them are related to development projects which have displaced hundreds of thousands of residents.

Global Voices has already featured the prison mapping of Licadho, also a human rights group. Below is the group’s freedom of expression mapping.

Last month, a map of the power cut schedule in Phnom Penh was also made public.

2012.03.31 Global Voices

2012 violations map