The ASEAN Science Film Festival kicked off in Kuala Lumpur on October 15 and will be taking place in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam this year until December 10.

The vast majority of the festival audience are young pupils and students and a core aim of the festival is to demonstrate that curiosity and learning are not only life enriching but put quite simply: equally fun ! The Science Film Festival sees access to knowledge as a fundamental human right

The theme for the ASEAN Science Film Festival 2012 is: WATER And yet water, as one of our most important natural resources, presents one of the most pressing ecological and social challenges of the 21st Century with growing constraints on the availability, quality, and use of freshwater resources, which account for only 3% of the world’s supply of water.

The United Nations states that each year more than 1 billion of our fellow human beings have little choice but to resort to using potentially harmful sources of water and up to 1.8 billion people may be living with absolute water scarcity by 2025 with two thirds of the world population potentially subject to water stress. With recent events such as the devastating floods here in Southeast Asia, it has become acutely clear what severe impact water has amidst our changing global climate patterns. It is therefore of timely importance to highlight this compound as a fascinating natural substance as well as a fundamental natural resource.

ASEAN Science Film Festival