Government anti human-trafficking unit chief said the marriage brokers told some Burmese women that if a woman marries a Chinese man and can give birth to a baby, she can receive up to three million kyat (US$ 3,523).

The marriage brokers openly persuaded Burmese women, saying that the women can return to Burma after giving birth. There were many young women who agreed to it and went to China. Now, it’s like a market. Often the female victims are coerced to be sex workers and child victims forced to be beggars,

The gap between the number of men and the number of women in China is becoming larger, said Lt Colonel Nyunt Hlaing. They try to buy young women form neighboring countries. Most of the human trafficking cases were in northern Shan State, but most of the traffickers were arrested in Rangoon Region, according to the report.

83 % of the human trafficking victims were female. The largest number of the cases was related to forced marriage and the second largest number was related to prostitution, according to the figures compiled by the anti human-trafficking unit.

2012.10.19 Mizzima money-to-marry-chinese-men