”It is absolutely required that children who will have to live in a democratic society are to be familiar with democractics since their schooldays,” said Chairman of Union Election Commission U Tin Aye.

The State is endeavouring for sticking to the democratic path founded on the national interests for future socio-economic development of the people. In so doing, it is building democracy of its own based on geography, culture, tradition and custom of the nation rather than copying particular democracy system from abroad.

The global political phenomenon implies that the rule of law, socioeconomic development and massive intellectual capital are deciding factors in building up a new democratic nation and intellectual capital is of paramount importance as it helps bring about rationality in citizens, equal protection of the law and regulatory qualities. Along with the rule of law, socio-economic life of the State and national people would develop as the result of competitiveness of the citizens.

The commission chairman described longexisted practices of the formation of groups at each class and school council and competition for outstanding student award as a form of exercising democracy. He suggested that re-practice of outstanding student award competition and organization of overseas study trip will help turn out personal educational heroes to schoolchildren, encouraging their industry.

2010.10.13 New Light of Myanmar - Children are to be familiar with democratic practices