Burma’s police have begun investigating the alleged execution of rebel fighters that occurred at the All-Burmese Students’ Democratic Front’s northern command centre in Kachin state in 1991.

According to witnesses’ accounts, more than 30 rebel fighters were gruesomely tortured and murdered by their own comrades after being accused of spying for the Burmese military at the group’s northern base. A book detailing the events and torture, which allegedly included electrocution, crucifixion and beatings, was published in May in Burma and helped spark renewed interest in the mass executions.

The police were assigned the case by Deputy Home Affairs Minister Lt-Gen Ko Ko.

Kyaw Naing Oo, who was kept in detention along with U Sein and was later cleared of spying charges, said the police were collecting information to determine whether the case should be filed as a murder or manslaughter charge. Authorities have also met with former ABSDF member Than Chaung, who is currently on death row in Tharawaddy prison in Pegu division. Than Chaung was a high-ranking official in the armed group’s northern command when dozens of their comrades were tortured and executed.

2012.09.28 DVB police-investigate-executions