Aung Min is the key player in Burma’s peace process. He was recently appointed to the President’s Office, Interview with The Irrawaddy.

Question: What is your next plan ? Minister Aung Min. My ministry focuses on national security, which mainly involves ethnic affairs. My ministry works primarily on ethnic issues in which national unity and resolving ethnic armed conflicts are key aspects.

The additional responsibility I have been given is related to non-governmental organizations (NGOs). People didn’t understand much about the role and value of NGOs before. Today, on behalf of governments around the world, NGOs have been involved in different issues and their broad participation has brought about many successes. That’s why I also have to manage and oversee the NGOs.

Another issue is with regard to natural disasters. I have to cooperate with other ministries in the President’s Office whenever such disasters occur.

2012.09.9 The Irrawaddy A Minister without Borders