Dozens of children documented the lives of their families and friends, among more than 900 Kachin villagers who fled to the camp in June last year when fighting broke out in their communities.

Organized by Insight Out!, an international group of media professionals and artists that helps children in conflict areas recover through the arts, the photography project brought together 36 Kachin children between the ages of 9 and 17, including those who had lost a family member to the long-running conflict in Burma’s northernmost state.

Sharing a camera, the children took photographs of daily life in the camp as part of a weekend workshop. Each child received a journal in which to write stories and paste their photos, including a selection published here along with portraits of the young photographers.

The children’s stories expressed uncertainty about their present conditions and hopes of returning home in the near future.

2013.02.25 The Irrawaddy - Kachin children tell stories of war