The shared major duty is residing within the Union with unity and safeguarding Our Three Main National Causes. The three major duties namely, Nondisintegration of the Union, Non-disintegration of national solidarity and Perpetuation of sovereignty is the shared duty which each citizen has to safeguard forever. All the national brethren have to perform this duty in unison.

It is everyone knowledge that border regions still lagged behind in development and such works as education, health, transportation, and economy could not be undertaken effectively due to weak stability and the rule of law.

Another case is to fight against drug. Efforts must be made to eliminate poppy cultivation, and substitute poppy business with other income-generating occupations.

The first and foremost requirement for socio-economic development in border regions is stability and the rule of law, only then effective support could be provided for agriculture, livestock farming, education, health and so on.

Now, national races affairs ministers have to take responsibility for development of own region and work aggressively. The central government would be ready to fulfil the requirements if possible.

In conclusion, the President said that the objective of the government today is to bring about stability of the State and socio-economic development as aspired by the majority.

Therefore, efforts are being made to stabilize the national political conditions, reduce foreign pressure, have economic sanctions lifted, and build internal peace for stability of the State while implementing rural development and poverty alleviation scheme and agricultural reforms, inviting foreign investment to establish industries and industrial zones to create jobs for socio-economic development.

In his speech, Vice-President Dr Sai Mauk Kham said the Education Ministry has arranged for teaching of national races literature and culture to students at primary level outside school hours. It is difficult to teach such subjects within school hours since there are over 130 national races in the country. However, arrangements has been made to provide training to teachers of schools concerned in order that they can teach local national race language to local people. If the school concerned find it difficult to teach local national race language, they can seek help from literature and culture committee concerned.

2012.09.07 New Light of Myanmar (government-run)